Family Portraits : Erwin + Maryann + Kayden + Dylan

I had a great morning working with the Seow family. I was especially looking forward to the session since I’ve been friends with Maryann (the mom), an awesome baby photographer (Check out her website).

This was a long overdue shoot as we had been discussing about it since last year, originally scheduled to shoot in Sydney. Well, we finally did it just in time for Kayden’s birthday party next week. Happy birthday Kayden!!

Bali Wedding Photography

The Beauty Of A Bali Wedding Photography

Anywhere your eyes take you in this, the islands of the gods, simply lands on a breath taking view. Bali is exotic, rustic, and pristine. It has a captivating charm that seems to make the love between you and your bride blossom fuller. Bali is voted among the top ten most romantic wedding destinations. And rightly so.

The next best thing to a Bali wedding is a great Bali wedding photography. It would be a serious mistake to neglect the quality of pictures to bring home with you from this paradise somewhere in the Indian ocean.

Conrad Infinity Chapel Bali wedding photographer

A wind-swept wedding veil provides the gossamer foreground to the orangey sunset sky. The white gown blends perfectly in the lush greenery of the gardens. The Sumatran twin elephants you and your bride are sitting on give you a royal and tribal wedding that is so uniquely yours. All these can be preserved forever through a Bali wedding photography.

Tirtha Uluwatu Bali wedding photographer

While in Bali, you can also hop into the high-end resorts as you consider your honeymoon destinations. The Four Seasons In Jimbaran, the St Regis in Nusa Dua, Ayana, Amandari, and the Bulgari are just some of the most picturesque resorts with architecture and landscape that make them great candidates for a beautiful Bali wedding photography.

Finally, a Bali wedding is never complete without setting aside time to immerse in the local Balinese culture. Visit century-old temples, world-class museums, and witness colourful and meaningful cultural performances and music.

To have the perfect Bali wedding photography, pre arrange with your professional photographer the locations you want in the portfolio. The photographer can also work with the wedding planner, and most wedding venues, resorts and hotels have in-house planners to help you. Conceptualise ahead of time. In Bali, you will never run out of beautiful places to go for the perfect wedding photos.

In upcoming articles, we will be featuring some of the best Bali hotels/resorts/villas for readers who are interested to visit Bali either for holidays or weddings. Stay tuned!

Pre Wedding Photography

Creating An Artwork Out Of Pre Wedding Photography

I’ve seen how pre wedding photography can make love birds walk on cloud nine. Via pre wedding photography, the couple are able to better narrate and share with the rest of the world the story of how love blossomed between them. Wedding day photography is for keeping memories of the event itself.

For those people hearing this for the first time, pre wedding photography is a pretty recent entrant into the wedding photography industry, and it started with a couple wanting to reminisce and document through photos the events that led to the the wedding day.

In pre wedding photography, memory is the operative word. It is really a walk down memory lane expressed through pictures. Or it is also a memory of what couples want to create of their last days as singles.

Pre-Wedding Photography

I’ve really enjoyed my most recent pre wedding photography projects. I got to work with couples who were just endowed with creativity and funk. One such couple conceptualised a period shot, with friends, circa 1950s. They put in a great deal of work getting a professional make up artist and designer to help them achieve the 50s look. I took care of lighting and composition and the result was fantastic.

Another pre wedding photography was done in the school location where the couples first met, and mind you, it was in a primary school.

The criticism pre wedding photography has is that people think photographers, especially neophyte ones, are exploiting it because it is less risky and less complicated. It is less risky because unlike in the actual wedding event, pre wedding photography is composed and set and not event-driven.

I argue to the contrary. Pre wedding photography should require the creative best from any photographer, no less. After all, this is history, too, the history of two separate lives before they become one.

Pre-Wedding Photography

Philip & Eunice Prewedding in Bali

Bali was an obvious choice for Philip and Eunice’s pre-wedding shoot location. With astonishing natural beauty, a heavenly climate and a vibrant artistic culture – plus all the ease of only 2.5 hours flight from Singapore, Bali offers them the perfect mix of easy and exotic.

“We chose Bali for its beauty and close proximity to Singapore,” says Philip. “I had always envisioned a destination pre-wedding in a foreign country, and I loved the idea that we can combine both travel and photoshoot together!”

Indeed, Bali is not just a perfect short getaway holiday destination but also a beautiful place for pre-wedding shoot. Bali is easily accessible from Singapore. Direct flights to Bali (2.5 hrs) are available with Singapore Airlines, Garuda, Qatar Airways, Jetstar and Air Asia on a daily basis.

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