Winston & Karin’s Wedding Day

In life, a good partner is everything. That’s just what Winston and Karin found in each other when Karin was introduced to Winston by his neighbour. Years later, the couple found themselves standing before their “match maker” and other 350 guests, on an August wedding, remembered for its intimacy and poignant details.

Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Singapore
Wedding gown: Bridal Veil
Groom suit: The Men’s Club
Makeup: Dily Wang

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Pre Wedding Photography

Creating An Artwork Out Of Pre Wedding Photography

I’ve seen how pre wedding photography can make love birds walk on cloud nine. Via pre wedding photography, the couple are able to better narrate and share with the rest of the world the story of how love blossomed between them. Wedding day photography is for keeping memories of the event itself.

For those people hearing this for the first time, pre wedding photography is a pretty recent entrant into the wedding photography industry, and it started with a couple wanting to reminisce and document through photos the events that led to the the wedding day.

In pre wedding photography, memory is the operative word. It is really a walk down memory lane expressed through pictures. Or it is also a memory of what couples want to create of their last days as singles.

Pre-Wedding Photography

I’ve really enjoyed my most recent pre wedding photography projects. I got to work with couples who were just endowed with creativity and funk. One such couple conceptualised a period shot, with friends, circa 1950s. They put in a great deal of work getting a professional make up artist and designer to help them achieve the 50s look. I took care of lighting and composition and the result was fantastic.

Another pre wedding photography was done in the school location where the couples first met, and mind you, it was in a primary school.

The criticism pre wedding photography has is that people think photographers, especially neophyte ones, are exploiting it because it is less risky and less complicated. It is less risky because unlike in the actual wedding event, pre wedding photography is composed and set and not event-driven.

I argue to the contrary. Pre wedding photography should require the creative best from any photographer, no less. After all, this is history, too, the history of two separate lives before they become one.

Pre-Wedding Photography

Philip & Eunice Prewedding in Bali

Bali was an obvious choice for Philip and Eunice’s pre-wedding shoot location. With astonishing natural beauty, a heavenly climate and a vibrant artistic culture – plus all the ease of only 2.5 hours flight from Singapore, Bali offers them the perfect mix of easy and exotic.

“We chose Bali for its beauty and close proximity to Singapore,” says Philip. “I had always envisioned a destination pre-wedding in a foreign country, and I loved the idea that we can combine both travel and photoshoot together!”

Indeed, Bali is not just a perfect short getaway holiday destination but also a beautiful place for pre-wedding shoot. Bali is easily accessible from Singapore. Direct flights to Bali (2.5 hrs) are available with Singapore Airlines, Garuda, Qatar Airways, Jetstar and Air Asia on a daily basis.

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Adrian & Yen Prewedding in Bali

An Unforgettable Bali Pre-Wedding Photography

There’s a lot of reason to love a Bali pre-wedding photography. I was just recently there with a handsome couple, Adrian and Yen, and the experience was awesome.

Bali has the endless oceans enveloped in its breasts. Bali is an immersion into rich history and culture. Bali welcomes you into its rustic villages, and lets you bask in the vast expanse of green fields. And a Bali pre-wedding photography has all these.

We can spend a day in Bali and cover a lot of destinations, each providing a dramatic backdrop to the kind of pre-wedding photos you desire.

A trip there is a fun nature hike as well, as what happened to us when we nearly fell into the rice field! For the beautiful natural milieu it offers, outdoorsy is the way to go in a Bali pre-wedding photography. And of course, it is also a relaxing visit to one of the world’s top tourist destinations!

So definitely, on the conventional side of things, couples can opt for a Bali pre-wedding photography on the beach sides, during the sunset, and in the many Bali villas and seafront hotels.

But in our case, we wanted to see the side trips. But anywhere you look in Bali, you find a picture-perfect backdrop. That is the perk for the photographer there. I didn’t really have a tough time composing my shots, and the creativity is unlimited, in the same way the cool Bali sea breeze soars limitless skies.

I liked it when Adrian and Yen can rough things, like sitting on high rocky formations by the mouth of the oceans and yes, standing on the grassy patch of the green fields. Donning a wedding gown and a tux, the rural background provided an exceptional contrast.

And that is just what a great Bali pre-wedding photography is all about. The poetry in irony, and a day in paradise with the one you love.

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Family Portrait Photography

If I Were To Do Your Family Portrait Photography

I would of course suggest to make it fun in your own kind of way. Family portrait photography is one of my favourites. I love my two sons and get inspiration from them a lot. I also have to say that I have become a better photographer because of my family.

The best thing to remember in family portrait photography is that each family has its own persona or character and that this is what the pictures should show. So the first thing I would do is to observe the kind of family you are, because, this thing is not something you ask, but something you infer by observation and then confirm at a later time.

Chances are, if I got my observation right, the family’s idea or concept of the family portrait photography will jive if not come close to mine. If this is not coming out, then I would take the chance to share them my ideas and if they agree, shoot!

Yes, photographers need to be some kind of a shrink sometimes to get a better and a fresher perspective of things. Or simply, photographers need to be able to empathise with the family so the family can feel and be at their best self, naturally.

As with all my photography projects, I try to make the family portrait photography fun and unique. Best of all, this is an occasion for the family to bond, that bond is something that no amount of expertise can create or produce. That bond is something that naturally shows.

The unconventional side of me would also explore what kind of characters your family members dream to be. I’ve had family portrait photography where the family members wanted to dress up circa 1940s, as elite members of the society. I’ve also had a shoot where the family members dressed up like the Bon Trapps.

Whatever the mood calls for, I’d emphasize on having fun, being natural, and being relaxed. The best family portrait photography is one that exudes the aura of happiness and unity in the family.