Rendy + Samantha Wedding anniversary

It was super fun working with Rendy and Samantha. I shot their prewedding last year, and I’m thrilled when Samantha booked me for their wedding anniversary shoot. So nice to see them again!

Hair + Makeup: Jesslin (+65 98463311) from Tresses Studio

Singapore Wedding Photos

What Makes Singapore Wedding Photos Extraordinary?

People conventionally conjure up images of extravagance and ornate settings when wedding photography is mentioned. Contrary to this, Singapore wedding photos are appreciated for simplicity and ingenuity. After all, weddings are intimate occasions shared with family and with close circles of friends. The true reason for the occasion can get overshadowed by lavish preparations, even in wedding photos.

Singapore wedding photos are simply real. They show the best of the human emotions as shared between two people in the most revealing way. After all, true love, true joy, and true bliss will naturally show on the photos given the photographers keen eye, and sensitive heart, to these, the best of human emotions and intention.

The best of Singapore wedding photos are not staged at all. They are shot in familiar locations. But given a fresh new angle, these mundane places look extraordinary. A photographer also relies on the true feelings shared by those in attendance at the wedding. People photography, and not props photography, is what registers most on the photographer’s lens and what comes out in the final print.

A Singapore-based photographer has the talent to make a cramp space look just perfect. This is because he deviates from all distraction to focus only on the elements that ultimately matter. The shots are clean and well composed owing to the photographer’s expertise.

What makes Singapore wedding photos extraordinary? It is the magic with which all the elements in the photo come together, from the concept, lighting, balance, composition, and the two people who star the photos. All these are also reflective of the good rapport between the photographers and the couple, being both at ease with each other and coming to agreement as to how they want the final photos to come out. In a photo shoot, the best photos indeed come out when both the photographer and his subject work and have fun together.