Adrian & Yen Prewedding in Bali

An Unforgettable Bali Pre-Wedding Photography

There’s a lot of reason to love a Bali pre-wedding photography. I was just recently there with a handsome couple, Adrian and Yen, and the experience was awesome.

Bali has the endless oceans enveloped in its breasts. Bali is an immersion into rich history and culture. Bali welcomes you into its rustic villages, and lets you bask in the vast expanse of green fields. And a Bali pre-wedding photography has all these.

We can spend a day in Bali and cover a lot of destinations, each providing a dramatic backdrop to the kind of pre-wedding photos you desire.

A trip there is a fun nature hike as well, as what happened to us when we nearly fell into the rice field! For the beautiful natural milieu it offers, outdoorsy is the way to go in a Bali pre-wedding photography. And of course, it is also a relaxing visit to one of the world’s top tourist destinations!

So definitely, on the conventional side of things, couples can opt for a Bali pre-wedding photography on the beach sides, during the sunset, and in the many Bali villas and seafront hotels.

But in our case, we wanted to see the side trips. But anywhere you look in Bali, you find a picture-perfect backdrop. That is the perk for the photographer there. I didn’t really have a tough time composing my shots, and the creativity is unlimited, in the same way the cool Bali sea breeze soars limitless skies.

I liked it when Adrian and Yen can rough things, like sitting on high rocky formations by the mouth of the oceans and yes, standing on the grassy patch of the green fields. Donning a wedding gown and a tux, the rural background provided an exceptional contrast.

And that is just what a great Bali pre-wedding photography is all about. The poetry in irony, and a day in paradise with the one you love.

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