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My 2 cute sons

Happy New Year everyone! Let me start the first post of the year by introducing my 2 cute sons, Yang and Jay. They loveView full post »

Year End Concert 2008

Today we attended the Year End Graduation Concert of my son’s school. It was fun watching the 2 boys performing onView full post »

Halloween ’08

“Trick or Treat”!! ……..I was “harassed” out of bed by a cute Ninja and a funny ClownView full post »

Yang’s 5 years old birthday!

Tomorrow is Yang’s 5 years old birthday. Every year, we will celebrate at his school. As it falls on Saturday thisView full post »

I’ve recovered!

Thanks for all the well wishes, Jay Jay is back to 100% energy and even more powerful. These two guys are not 1 + 1 = 2View full post »

Yang….Son of Gabriel

While Jay Jay is recuperating from surgery, I decided to do some portraits for Yang Yang…… Hmmm…IView full post »

Surgery Day!

This morning, Jay went for dental surgery to fix his 8 decaying teeth with his favorite kids dentist which is one of theView full post »

Goodbye milk bottle

I got to get rid their milk bottle!View full post »

Sunday Freedom

Sunday Freedom Session 3…..View full post »

Sunday Freedom

Sunday Freedom Session 2…….View full post »

Sunday Freedom

I realised that I’ve not been shooting my sons a lot. So from now onwards, I will make it a point to photographView full post »


Today my canvas arrived. So I roped in my top model to do some serious modelling. This is the result if I let him poseView full post »

Yang and Jay

Brought the 2 boys to the zoo today, and they went nuts! Run here, lost there, sweat here, scream there. More tiringView full post »

Yang and Jay

These are my 2 cute little sons, Yang and Jay. Both are extremely naughty and extremely cute. This was taken when theyView full post »