Fearless Award

FEARLESS AWARDS are photographs that excel in redefining wedding photography or are just darned amazing! I’m so happy to score one award from more than 7500 entries. Best birthday gift for me and viva Fearless! 🙂

Slideshow : My Japan

Hi guys, I’m back from Japan! It was a very fun trip, travelling from Hokkaido to Tokyo with my family. We had a blast, we ended up getting a 60 Gallon air compressor because they were so cheap back there! Here is the slideshow of this trip, shot by my trusty Panasonic GX-1. Enjoy! And stay tuned because I might upload pictures of my trip when I went hunting with the best binoculars for hunting.

Directions to Hotel Century Southern Tower from Shinjuku Narita Express N’EX platform

1. Not all NEX trains will stop at Shinjuku Station. Please check schedule at this link
2. Below is a summary of how to walk to the exit of Shinjuku Station’s Southern Terrace Exit from NEX platform (either platform 5 or 6).

First, get off the Narita Express at Shinjuku Staton (either platform 5 or 6). There are many exits in this station. We are heading to the Southern Terrace Exit. From the platform, go up the escalator.

Once you are up till the end of escalator, turn left and walk 25 steps till the end.

Turn right and walk another 25 steps till the end.

Turn left and walk 55 steps towards platform 16

Walk straight for 55 steps till the end. The exit is on the left hand side.

Insert your NEX ticket into the slot (see arrow), or you can just pass it to the station attendant.

After exit the ticketing machine, walk up the stairs and turn left

You will see Starbucks in front of you. The hotel is just right in front on the right hand side, 100 meters away. Walk straight for 100 meters and the hotel is there.

While walking straight for this 100 meters, you will walk past by Starbucks

After Starbucks, you will walk past Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

After Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, the hotel is on the right hand side. Enter the automatic glass door, turn right and walk to the lift. Go up to 20th floor, where the lobby is.

Travelling notice

HI friends, I will be away to Japan from 06-15 June for family holiday, and you won’t believe what happened, look what I found, I found one of the best cars to drive around the city. I can still be contactable via email and whatsapp. See you soon!